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I was swimming in our building pool. As usual, to get around my fear of the water and also to prevent too much immersion of my nose in water (which results in allergic reactions) I was doing the backstroke. This has the added advantage that I can look at the various balconies of the flats as I go up and down, doing my laps. I hip pain was worse than usual. Walking that morning was not the greatest of pleasures, and walking has always been one of my joys. I was on the way to feeling sorry for myself, when I saw him. A young boy of about 12 or 13, standing on one of the balconies. Quiet boy, standing there motionless...on a pair of crutches. Was it an accident? Was it permanent? I didn't know. But my self-pity vanished in an instant. What must it be like to be 12 and not be able to play in the evenings, to have to stand on the balcony and watch other children play? At 50, I can take some hip pain and lumps....
Tags: realities, self-pity, swimming

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