deponti (deponti) wrote,

NYC, N Y....

This time, we only got to spend a few hours in New York..or to be precise, with our favourite place in NY, Manhattan. Our luggage was booked through (ah, one of the 4 suitcases hasn't come to Bangalore, that's another story, the story of a loooong saga at dawn at Blr airport this morning) so we were free to take the AirTrain to the NYC subway and thence to Manhattan, where a friend's daughter lives practically on Times Square (W. 43rd Street). Then another friend who works close by met us and treated us to dinner at Carmine's, an Italian restaurant on Broadway . The food was superb and came in mountainous quanitities(but I was surprised, when googling for it, to come up with several less-than-complimentary reviews too!)...then, in spite of the flurry of snow, we walked around until it was time for us to take the subway back again.

New SUCH a city....the vibrancy sets up chords in you the minute you step out into's scary, exciting,awesome, awful, all at once....what a city....well, I suppose I really mean Manhattan, but then, to me, Manhattan will always be the vigorous heart of New York. It sometimes seems to me that New YorK is a law unto itself, different from all the rest of America...and sometimes it seems that it IS typical of America, a melting-pot of everyone and everything, with the strength that only such cross-breeding can produce...
Tags: new york, nyc

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