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post inspired by suzan_s

suzan_s talks in her latest post about God-in-a-box...many people want to put God in a box and limit the deity and post a list of ingredients...but to me, and to some others as illustrated by this story, God is a little more than that...

A king (as it might be Akbar) once banished a subject from his kingdom. His court jester (as it might be Birbal) remarked admiringly, "Oh, great King, you are able to do something which even the Almighty cannot do!" Pleased but curious, the King asked what it was about the banishment that was so great...the jester replied, "How can the Almighty banish someone to a place outside His domain?...only you can!"

Thank you, suzan_s, for bringing this neat little anecdote to mind!
Tags: anecdote, god, god in a box, religion, unbounded deity

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