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Why ONE LJ meet didn't happen...

travelertrish commented on my remark that perhaps my proposed LJ meets didn't work out because of lack of pre-planning, or lack of lead time, with this remark:

"Well,that and the Indian "Cain't say no to family" thing. That is a reference to a song in the old hit musical "Annie Get Your Gun." Or maybe "Oklahoma!" She sings, "I'm jest a girl who cain't say no..." I always loved being a girl who couldn't say no...and I know that when family is involved, everything else, for my South Asian friends, sort of moves over. No amount of planning or lead time can fix THAT one, girl!"

Partly guilty on the meeting with you, Trish, but otherwise,not guilty... all of the other LJ meets that I proposed had nothing to do with the time spent with the fact they would have been with me, too. As far as the meet with you was concerned...the last time, when I stayed for a longer time, I DID go to visit two people whom I had got to know entirely through email (this was before LJ.)

And, in the most important instance, I made one family journey AFTER a friends'(all of them LJ-ers,too) gathering venue got shifted without my knowledge...I *had* given priority to that over a family gathering!...and I sneaked out of the family gathering, to a fair amount of spousal disapproval, to go meet wondernoon!

.... And in this case, too, apart from wanting to spend time with my daughter, I think, it was also the fact that you had a very busy schedule on the days I tried, and I wasn't getting any proper train or flight connections, either, and would have made you drive for a long time...I am truly sorry about not being able to meet you....
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