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Why I don't like Chennai

...or at least, one of the reasons.

I call up friend. Said friend doesn't realize I am in town. Very warm noises of "how lovely to hear from you! How was the trip?" A moan about how said friend is sitting at home all day supervising some workmen, and being bored having nothing to do, is followed by "you must come over the next time you visit Chennai!"

"I *am* in Chennai," I say.

Thoughtful short silence, followed by, "OK, do come over next time then..."

This has happened with at least two people, that last few times. Guess how much I am going to save on phone calls on my next visit!

Did two condolence visits today, and will attend one wedding reception tonight and a wedding tomorrow. Then it's back to Bangalore....I have real friends there...
Tags: friends, time for each other

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