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Two Pictures that anirudhc took

I was lucky that though they count themselves beginners, my teammates at the Bangalore Bird Race are still better than I am at both birding and are two pictures that anirudhc took with the KMC (KM's Canon)....

Here's a majestic Brahminy Kite (the Indian version of the Bald Eagle!) with his fish breakfast; he is reflected in the catchment waters of the Manchinabele Reservoir....

Brahminy Kite and catch

And as amoghavarsha stepped a little closer, off he went. I am sure that my teammates, with their software skills, would do a great job of post-processing this photograph, but I am posting it as it is:

Brahminy Kite, off in the air

I am sure you will all agree that Anirudh is pretty modest about his photography skills! That's one photograph I am going to enjoy looking at, for a long, long time....
Tags: brahminy kite, photography

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