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Another beauty from Dandeli

This is the Blue-Capped Rock Thrush...well, the male (the female of course is dun-coloured and dull-looking!)...

Blue-capped Rock Thrush

That photo was by KM; and here's the one I took of the bright little chap, as soon as I hurriedly took the camera from my spouse ...

Blue capped Rock Thrush

We found the number of birds which are bright and colourful,just amazing. And I am realizing that sharing a camera is all very well when only of us is out on a field trip; it's tough when both of us are there at the same agreement with KM was, I won't use the camera if both of us are in the field at once, but I didn't always stick to that rule... I think KM is getting slowly fed up with me looking over his shoulder, not at the bird, but to see if he has finished with the camera so I can take it!

My next Dandeli-related post is going to be a long one; it is the story of Mr and Mrs Malabar Grey Hornbill; their loving billing and cooing, their nest, and the evil Mynah who tries to stake a claim to their home, and their ultimate this space for the sensational serial story! (End of promo.)
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