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Everything is getting specialized...

Here's an email from one of the egroups I belong to:


"We have the following groups in DiversityIndia. Please become members of respective groups and send emails in right groups for better responses.

Invertebrates of India
Insects of India
Butterflies in Indian Region
Indian Moths
Dragonflies and Damselflies of India
Spiders of India
Wild Flowers India
Reptiles of India
Amphibians of India

Avoid cross posting unless the emails are of common interest to more than one groups."


Oh my goodness. What am I supposed to do if I don't know if what I have seen is a butterfly or a moth? Can both of these not be posted to insectindia? Thank goodness there is only one egroup for dragonflies and damselflies, as I have no clue what a damselfly is (except that I think that many damsels turn into dragons later.) I happen to know that there are other insects that mimic where should I post emails about those?

Very soon I am sure there are going to be specific egroups for, say, left-handed toads, or red-coloured five-petalled wildflowers, or birds spotted only in South Bangalore...and of course cross-posting NOT allowed...

Thank goodness for sites like India Nature Watch which has all these categories in one, AND includes landscape also as part of Nature..

I am a "generalist" whether it's insects or birds or trees or mammals or reptiles, they all fascinate me....and sadly, the world is getting more compartmentalized...if I have a sinus ailment, I will have to go to a different doctor if it is the left nostril and a different one if it is the right..and yet a third one if BOTH nostrils are blocked...
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