deponti (deponti) wrote,

NIce meeting...

I went to Lalbagh and then to MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room, a Bangalore institution that still serves coffee in silver tumblers!) this morning, to meet other people who are writing for Metroblogs Bangalore...and met anitab and as a totally unexpected bonus, cyberscorpion, whose photography and love for Tamizh culture and language have long fascinated me...I was, I think, the only one there without a camera, the place was bristling with Canons and Nikons and lenses that can work magic....

Feeling very peaceful and content. I do love my city and the fact that we still have such lovely public gardens.

I many LJ-ers would I be passing on the sidewalk without knowing who they were? Bangalore surely has a large population of them....LJers, if you meet this woman on a bicycle, or with an expensive camera and lenses that she can't tell you the technical names of...that's ME!
Tags: bonus, lalbagh, meeting, mtr

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