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Mr and Mrs B Kite, update

The past few days, I have watched, riveted, as Mrs Black Kite calls each morning...and Mr BK arrives with morsels in his mouth which he lays out on the palm fronds; she comes out, eats them, and it's back to the nest for her.

By the time I rush into the other room, get the camera and bring it out on to the balcony, mealtime is over...

But today, I left the camera right on the balcony (not a wise thing to do because of the sun pouring in.) And the whole morning, the male did not appear.

So just now, Ma'am decided to go out and get a snack for herself...I guess she figured that with the sunshine on the eggs they would keep warm enough for a while. I must say, she wasn't gone long though....I wonder if she did find something to eat after the long night vigil...

Kites nest update three

But while she was gone, I thought I would let you all share the sight of the eggs...there was one earlier, now there are two...

And if you please, the sponge and towel have been accesorized by....someone's leather wallet! (You can see it in the nest). If you look at the right of the photograph you will see a green coconut as well...

Watch this space for further developments, and hope that I have the camera handy, too!
Tags: birds, nest, photography

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