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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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My sketch.....
I was just posting this sketch of mine on to LJ when I get a call that sainath had his first wild-tiger sighting in Dudhwa National Park over the weekend...

And here's my sketch, dedicated to these majestic creatures....

Tiger sketch

I wish they burn brighter and brighter in the forests of the night!

Awesome sketch!! Looks very good..

thank you beast! We can belong to the MABSS (my late father founded this, he called it the Mutual Admiration and Back-Scratching Society...)

Beautiful sketch .... very nice
is this pencil sketch or charcoal sketch ??

Pencil...I get charcoal sometimes when I cook. ;-)

damn good one !! didnt know u sketch so well !
is that a white bengal tiger there :D

No, no, the photo was of a tiger in Nagarhole...our very own golden king... Yes, I do love looking at everything from herbs to stick insects in the forest...but Panthera Tigris, I must say, remains at the top of the sighting chain!

I guess the one of paper looks even better.

Actually...didn't use the best quality paper...but yes, *I* like it, the proportions have turned out great! It was lovely meeting cyberscorpion on Saturday..should have met you, too!

I only wish those eyes were looking at me. But i guess they might be when i look into the sheet of paper. Lovely, none the less.

No...the tiger is not looking at the viewer; he wants food, not enemies! ;-)

wow. this is a beautiful sketch deepa!

Thanks Anita! I just got a scanner and a friend helped me with this...

Tiger Music:
You could substitute 'Tiger' for 'Lion' in 'In the jungle, the mighty jungle...'
There is also an Elvis song called 'teddy bear' where he says 'I dont wanna be a tiger, cos tigers play too rough...' :)

In my...oh, it's YOU...in OUR part of India, the tiger MUST be substituted for the lion, I think!

make it your user icon!


Who're you? I guess, you left a second comment too...

make it your user icon!


Not a documentation sketch, is it? :P

That was a nice question! Still laughing, you got me there! Id yourself please, you witty person!

this is cool.... get a tablet and a digital pen soon.... Become a digital Artist...

Heh heh...remember how I use KM's Canon? Well, he just got himself a HP Tablet....*evil grin*

That's beautiful! Do you have other drawings--you should post more! You're so good! We have a digital tablet that my daughters use--if KM has just got one, I hope it means we see even more of your drawings soon (since you will no longer need to scan!)

Thank you...I do love sketching though my colour sense isn't great (also, sketching comes easier for lazyme!)...my evil plans for the tablet has to wait, right now it is KM's new mistress...we are having enough discussions about the Canon, will keep my grubby, tablet-greedy hands to myself for a little while longer!

Nice sketch. Didn't know you sketched too!!

SKV...not Sakala Kalaa Valli as you would think...KM calls me Sakala Kalaa "Villi" (female of villain)!

Tiger Tiger, burning bright,
In the forest, of the night,
What immortal hand,
could frame thy fearful symmetry ?

The hand that LJs,
is the hand that sketched,
A sight of awesome beauty,
Keep 'em posting faithfully;


Thanks...that was very nice indeed!

WOW! Your an artist too....nice, very nice sketch.