March 12th, 2005


difficult decisions...

Driving around the centre of Bangalore today...incredible hit me that no matter what steps will be taken in terms of improving roads, the most essential one, that of curbing the number of vehicles, will not be taken for political reasons...and that is what Bangalore needs. Bangalore is now a city in the process of decay....caught in its own progress, victim of its own success....and with corrupt, dilly-dallying politicians at its helm. The International Airport, today's newspaper says in a report on the State Budget, is "full-steam"...yes, for the past 10 years that's what we have heard! An elevated road to Electronic City will result, if action is taken, in digging up Hosur Road again, and the ensuing chaos....have we only politicians? No statesmen? This is the land of Mirza Ismail and the enlightened kings...they must surely be turning in their graves at what this State has come to.