March 24th, 2005


Exercise has to be enjoyable...

Hip and ankle pain had been getting in the way of my had the increasingly warm weather. I started swimmiing a few days ago...and am glad to realize that it is not really lethargy that has set in. I enjoy swimming so much, especially at twilight...yesterday the pool lights had also not been switched on, and I could see the half moon slowly rising over the top floor as I swam up and down our small pool...when exercise is this pleasant, keeping fit is no big deal.

Went to the Test Match

We went to the India-Pakistan Test Match, 1st day...surprisingly good crowd and traffic management, I found! The first two overs were very eventful, with Pakistan 6 for 2...but then the 3rd wicket partnership, which was 200 + when we left, was nice to watch Inzamam Ul Haq take his 150 on the occasion of the 100th Test he was playing...and I thoroughly enjoyed all the sidelines, had my face painted in the tricolour, underwent Cricket 101 from my 7 year old neighbour who apparently knows every statistic there is about this game....I was able to follow the game much better than I thought, and had a really great time. If only the India Pakistan match was not so supercharged with jingoistic fervour! But that's the way it is (my neighbour would NOT have one half o his face painted with the Indian tricolour and the other with the Pakistani crescent and star!)
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