May 17th, 2005


My child's friends

Just read my child's LJ, where she bemoans the lack of social content in her life at present, as she juggles with a demanding job and two moonlights...and says that her friends seem to have emptied themselves out of the US...and I realize that some of them are right here near me! In fact, I want to raise a toast to the wonderful friends she has always had...I have always been full of admiration for them. Sensible, unassuming, helpful, responsible youngsters who grew up into the kind of adults the world is proud of..and certainly I am proud of!They are very articulate, very humorous, and deal with life with grit, making career and life choices and standing by them in truly adult fashion....and each set of parents I have met through them has been a great experience, too. I have met architects, lawyers, scientists, business people....and have liked all of them.

A salute to the Gangue, and the very special role they have played, and continue to play, in my life...and to the friends whom I might not have met in America, whom I am getting to know better here!