October 13th, 2005


Admission rates....

We went to the Wild Animal Park, a relatively new enterprise of the San Diego Zoo. We want to also not miss the world-famous San Diego Zoo, and plan to visit tomorrow.

Admission for single entry for adults: $28. Multiply that by 4 for 2 adult tickets for today and tomorrow, and it works out to $112. So we bought the yearly couple membership, which entitles the couple to 4 free guest passes sometime through the next year.Cost ...$86.

I am all admiration with a ticketing strategy that makes EIGHTY SIX DOLLARS appear attractive to someone earning in Indian rupees (in our case, we have many relatives to whom we can pass on both the membership card and the guest tickets.) I can just imagine the Mysore Zoo charging around Rs.4000/- for a year's couple pass!! HAHAHA!!

I have seen a better bird show at the Jurong Bird Park. The 3 D ride was very so-so after we saw such rides in Disneyland many years ago. But the train ride around was great!It was an hour-long ride around Asia and Africa, mostly.

Let's see how my impressions of San Diego Zoo are...

Wonderful to see my dearest varshax as a bonus! I do hope I can get one more opportunity this evening....some work has come up and we have not yet been able to meet up.
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