February 13th, 2006


Why don't we ever get the change back?

I am ranting against a phenomenon found everywhere, which I call the Bata fiddle. Everyone prices their tickets/services at just one rupee or five rupees below a certain round-figure total. For example, Ranga Shankara tickets cost Rs.49. Yesterday, we went for the Victorian Bangalore Walk, which is priced at Rs. 495.

I have no idea why this should be so. I mean, why not say Rs. 50 or Rs.500? Perhaps there is a sales- or other tax implication to it. Well, that's not my beef. What I do dislike is, the way the change is NEVER returned to you when you pay with the round-figure money. When I buy ten tickets at Ranga Shankara, that's ten rupees I should be getting back. Yesterday, my husband paid Rs.1000 for the two of us for the Bangalore Walk, and no change was given back.

We too feel bad about asking for such small sums of money, so we don't. But I firmly believe that this kind of forgetfulness or alleged forgetfulness is not correct. The service provider SHOULD give the change back...It is up to the consumer to say, "Keep the change", if s/he so wishes. If the service provider wants to keep the money, s/he should just say, in the first place, that the fee is Rs.5 or 50 or 500 or 5000. Rs. 495 means that five rupees SHOULD be given back.

Do others also have an issue with this?

The Bangalore Walk

We went for the Bangalore Walk yesterday. I was very impressed with the research that Arun Pai has put into the walk; I learnt several facts about my home city. I was also impressed with the way the business model has been put together.

The walk started very punctually, and had been mapped out beautifully, taking the general rate of progress into account, so that we walked around without feeling tired. At just the right time, a break had been planned, and biscuits and fruit juice handed around. We were with a large group of Dutch visitors and hence our commentary was rather Europe-centric; perhaps we must do it again with a group of locals to get more "Kannadiga" stuff. But what we learnt was really interesting. I certainly didn't know that such a beautiful stained-glass windown existed inside Trinity Church, never having gone there before yesterday.

Arun pitched his voice so that he could be heard even over the roar of the traffic (yes, it was a roar even on a Sunday morning on M G Road!) He brought together all the facts to a broad premise of how Bangalore has been important to the world not just after the I T revolution, but for centuries before that!

We saw some beautiful historic bungalows...and others scheduled for demoliton or actually being demolished. The area of the walk was also carefully chosen and the surprise venue of the breakfast with which the walk ends, was truly satisfying!

Arun has joined hands with a gifted artist, Paul Fernandes, to produce lovely posters of the walk, which are given to those who go on the walk. A great way to spend a winter morning...we will be going on the Lal Bagh walk soon! I love the trees of Bangalore, having written articles about them, and would love to find out more from Vijay, who does the Lal Bagh walk.

The walk made us both proud of our city, and sad that we seem to be throwing much of our heritage away for a mess of pottage. But even for this, Arun had a great answer...Bangalore has always been a city of the future, and it is, even now, in the process of embracing that future. So change is inevitable.

But...a small jarring note...the change from your payment is NOT inevitable...if you are particular, like me, that Rs.495 means Rs. 495, and not Rs, 500, make sure to ask for your change back, or you might not get it!

Check out Bangalore Walks at


..a great way to know more about the city of Bangalore.

Wonderful image...

From the LJ Of friedmomos

Two laws of existence are:

* Bread always lands in the jam+butter side..
* Cat always lands on its feet.

Use the above two. Tie those so that the butter side and the cat's feet are facing opposite directions. Now drop them. You now have a perpetual machine with ever increasing frequency. ( Visualize them rotating :-)

I am still laughing....!