February 24th, 2006


Never hesitate...

I sometimes hesitate to introduce a friend whom I have met because of one interest, to another interest that I have...I feel that they may come along just to be polite and may not appreciate being dragged into something else. But now I am sure that this is something that I should continue to do. I have found that a friend I have made because of my interest in, say, "A", is actually very good at "B", too...and when I thought that a friend was bored when I asked hem (that's a word to denote him/her) to interest "C", I find that the interest has really taken off and s/he is spending more time with that interest than *I* am!

One of the best things in life is making new friends....some people you meet may remain acquaintances, and some may become close friends...the handful who do, are well worth the effort.

Friends are a treasure that the tax-man (it is February, obviously!) taketh not away....I hope I have these kind of close friends all my life.

I do like LJ...

You may have noticed that many of my posts are "quotes" from other LJ's...I love visiting other people's LJ's...there is always something interesting, intriguing, fascinating, something I learn, some new ideas that I can mull upon...

LJ takes me into people's minds and hearts and bypasses all the external stuff (dress, appearance, cultural and age differences, etc.) I thoroughly enjoy my visits.

Long live blogging!