March 8th, 2006


Google Earth couldn't do it better....

Somebody's ACTUAL postal address:

Old No 776,
New number 23,
First Floor,
9th Main,
5th Cross,
5th block,
BSK III Stage,
3rd Phase,
Bhuvaneshwari nagar
Bangalore - 560085

I had heard of these kind of Bangalore addresses but this was the first time I spotted one of these in flesh and blood! Amazing!

On the MABSS front...

Through noelladsa I went to romad, and got this lovely sequel to Sidin's post on South Indian young men's angst... (MABSS...Mutual Admiration and Back Scratching Society)

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I also must add this comment by richarddixon

So if there was this guy called Benny, and he had a wife called Jody. Both being Mals. They would name their kid Benjod?

There ARE some real wits out there in the blogosphere....