May 18th, 2006



Just using a few minutes to quickly jot down things...the LOOOONG drive from Delhi to Binsar, longer that it would have been with just the two of us, as there was a ten year old with a bladder calling for frequent attention, and then frequent stops as all 3 of their family suffered from nausea....the landscape changing from arid to fertile...plenty of egrets sitting in the trees after we passed Rudrapur...a kingfisher near a canal....we reached at midnight and had some issues settling down.

We are in remote part of the Mahindra resort which suits us fine. We have seen a red-rumped swallow's nest on the lintel of a room, with the mother and father swooping in occasionally....a shama, some warblers and babblers...going in half an hour to the Binsar Bird Sanctuary....

We will be doing a few treks in the next few days; will keep you posted as the internet comp access means I must ask for a resort jeep to come and fetch me from our area and bring me to the main building, about 3 km up and down some steep hills.

I am concerned as it looks as though it might rain...hope we can see something at the Bird Sanctuary!
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