May 31st, 2006


A housewifely question

How does everyone keep walking shoes clean? Keeping them a pristine white is SO difficult in this land of dust and dirt. (They never seem to get this light shade of brown abroad.)

I had found that putting them through the shortest cycle on my washing machine worked...but this time I have come back with so much of the Desh ki Dharti (soil of the nation) sticking to them that even after this process, they are still not WHITE.

So if anyone has any tips...pass them on please. Otherwise my next pair will be black. (Actually, I did get a pair of black sneakers, saved them for months to wear NEW on my US trip...and found that the shop had given me one size too was given to someone else there.)
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Panchachuli and the glacier

Panchachuli from Munsiyari, Uttaranchal, May 2006 (Photo by K.Mohan)
PPanchachuli with its glacier

This was the view from the Zara Resort, where we stayed in Munsiyari, a town at the northeastern tip, hardly miles away from the Tibetan (Chinese) border on one side and the Nepalese on the other. This was the first time we had seen a glacier...its beginning can be seen on the left-hand-side of the picture.

Until I learn how to post-process, I will be posting the pics are they were taken by Mohan. He has been pleasantly surprised, though, by the number of compliments he has been getting so far!

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The Bridge that Broke, Uttaranchal, May 2006.(photos: K.Mohan)

Uttaranchal Bridge, road from Munsiyari to Thal, May2006Broken Bridge, Munsiyari-Jauljibi Road, Uttaranchal, May2006

A front and side view of a bridge that had broken down on the alternative route we took from Munsiyari to Thal, via Jauljibi, in Uttaranchal. Luckily for us, a causeway had been opened by roadworkers nearby, otherwise, since the main route was also closed by a landslide 10 km from Munsiyari, we would never have got to our destination, Kausani. It made us ponder over the effort needed to keep the mountain roads in shape.
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I am watching murder being done...

About 15-odd trees, beautiful rain trees which were just spreading out and thriving, were cut down 3 years or more ago, to make way for the Jayadeva Circle flyover which was going to ease traffic and make a wonderful thing out of Bannerghatta Road. The flyover is yet to be completed and we live close to it, in a mess of dust and diverted traffic.

Since the new cheap, sorry, chief minister took over (his house is deliciously meretricious concoction on the road parallel to the one on which our apartment building stands), work is "proceeding" on the flyover.

This morning, I found that the tree right opposite our balcony, which has provided us with a lovely green view in the morning, is being hacked down. It provided shelter to SO many birds and goodness knows how many was a BEAUTIFUL thing and lifted my spirits each morning.

I am VERY upset. More so because I am helpless. I saw it only after it was hacked irreparably. A few yards ahead, the road will narrow down because of the Mantri Elegance/Shopper's Stop property; so why not spare this tree too? Of course not, hack it down...I can't bear to go to the balcony any more. I know how Dogmatix felt.
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