June 9th, 2006


Today I saw an improved version on Southern Railways

Today I travelled back to Bangalore from Chennai on a new coach, and there have been many improvements. Seats are much better designed and that major no-no, stiff metal arm rests, have been changed to foldable armrests....a very big design improvment Today the seat next to me was empty and I could curl up and go to sleep, which I never could before in the days of armrests from hell. Obviously, the windows are all clean still. Alas, seat numbers are STILL on the top of the seat backs, and the TERRIBLE design of the toilets is still there(in THIS DAY AND AGE,we still have toilets that open directly on to the track, and if dirty matter falls on the track at point A, the flush water falls somewhere else, at point B, as the train travels) but the toilet certainly looks neater in design.

And most important, I did see a luggage car as I walked to my compartment. I do wish the day comes when every day train has this facility.

Good that the Railways are improving the coach design. How to ensure that I get to travel in these new coaches every time?
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these words bring tears to my eyes

Kodutthavan meendum ketkinraan...athai illai enraal avan viduvaanaa?
Uravai sholli azhuvathaanaley uyirai meendum tharuvaanaa?
Kookuraaley kidaikkaathu
Ithu courtukku ponal jeyikkaathu
Antha kottaiyil nuzhainthaal thirumbaathu....(Ponaal pogattum po daa...intha bhoomiyil nilaiyaay vazhnthavan yaarada?)

(From the song "POnaal pOgattum pOdA".

"He who gave it(the life) is asking for it back...will he let you go if you say no? Will he return the life if you cite the relationship and weep? This is not something that you can cry for and get; not something that you can win by going to court;if it enters that fort, it will never return.

"Let it go....has anyone ever lived for ever on this earth?"

And the othet timeless song of philosophy:

Veedu varai uravu;veethi varai manaivi; kaadu varai pillai...kadaishi varai yaaro..

(When you die)the relatives come up to the house,the wife up to the road, the son up to the forest (where the crematorium is)...who will come along till the end?

What poetry, what timeless words. The poet may write of death but the words are deathless.
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"Hook" figures and the reality

jace posted on his LJ about an offer:

An airline has announced "cheap flights to Singapore". The figure, prominently displayed in the ad, is "Rs.3,500"...one-way, that is (who would want to go one-way to Singapore, assuming the Singapore government would permit it in the first place?)...and then of course it has those little stars or asterisks or whatever next to it.

This, praise be, doesn't mean that you have to travel when the wind is in the third quarter or the moon is on the wane (well, some conditions like these often come attached, with the cute little words" conditions apply" giving a microscopic warning of rough times ahead.) But it does mean that taxes are extra.

So...what is the final figure arrived at? Rs 11,900 for the trip. That's nearly 5000 rupees more than the Rs.7,500 that you imagined when you first saw the ad. And you will have to get the visa for Singapore, too.

I HATE this kind of advertising.I HATE having to be wide-awake all the time in order not to have something slipped over me. I detest mobile phone offers of Rs.999 only. Why not Rs.1000? WHO are they fooling?

Why can't advertising be honest? Is there something that says honesty and publicity have to be mutually exclusive?

One of the honest advertisments I remember after many years is an ad for DLF Qutb Enclave. It said, in effect, "for an salaried person, investing in real estate will always be difficult. But our housing project is a good investment that will appreciate". Today DLF Qutb Enclave in Gudgaon has appreciated incredibly highly. They managed to advesrtise while being honest. And that's very unusual, especially in the real estate market!
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