June 20th, 2006


Love, men, and women

My generalization of the day is....men are rational about everything else but love. Women..the reverse. We can be contrary, illogical, insane about everything else, but we tend to be very reasonable and pragmatic in matters of the heart. You will NOT find us marrying toyboys (er, not often, anyway)....we tend to look at the whole picture, not just the pulchritude...we would be likely to choose good providers over handsome, useless hunks.

Something just happened that brought this on, of course *smile secret smile to myself*

That's my generalization. Flak is welcome!

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My LJ MindMap -- pretty hilarious

I don't really think this is an accurate reflection...according to this (just look at my own name right in the centre) I keep reading my OWN journal!! ( I seem to remember a blog by noelladsa on this topic..waitaminnit, that LJ doesn't figure in this map either!)...and I don't know who this rattlesnake is, though I guess I must have visited at least once for it to figure.. I have not visited zweilinkefusse's defunct LJ for more than a year now....and where are all the other LJ's that I visit ,such as latelyontime, enigmaticash,fatmuttony, deepsan,kaadupapa and others?)

...and what of the other blog sites that I visit?

And to think they took more than a week to get this alleged map ready!

But just for the fun of it...here goes!

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What is hardship?

I read a comment which asakiyume left on my LJ. What is hardship?

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I agree with Asakiyume. It is possible to sensitize people to the fact that some hardships are easier to overcome than others. To some people, my lugging up several buckets of water every day would seem a hardship. (Well, in the process, I lost an unborn baby, so I too count it as a hardship...) But some women in my country trek  long distances for this very purpose every day. They would think going down a few stairs for water was a doddle.

Hardship, like much else...is relative. And some relatives can put you to a lot of hardship!

To change the mood:

Purple sunbird,Binsar, Uttaranchal, May 2006.K.Mohan.

This purple sunbird stayed on the milkweed plant for hardly a second or two; Mohan had to really look nippy with the camera, hence it is not the crispest of pictures. (His camera was in place when the butterfly, which I have posted earlier, happened along.)

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