June 28th, 2006


Do you want to see where I live?


This picture is about two years old....

Go to the centre of the picture until you come to a heading, Casa Ansal. That's it! Can you see the swimming pool within the building? That smidgen going to and fro in the evenings is....me!

(This reminds me of the drunk who was accosted by a police officer as he was trying to get into his home. He said, "Offisher..I can prove I live here. Shee this living room? Thoshe are my chairs. Shee theshe shtairs? Thoshe are my shtairs. Shee thish bedroom door? That'sh my bedroom door. Shee this woman shleeping on the bed? That'sh my wife. And shee that man shleeping next to her? That'sh me."

Oh, well....see my home, in my most-beloved city!

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