July 27th, 2006


Pictures from the Farmhouse Bird Sightings, 23 Jul, 06


Here are a few pictures from our farmhouse visit. If you click on them, they will take you back to my Flickr website, where you can enlarge them to see them better.

The first one....
This is NOT the best photograph that was taken that day, but it is the one that I am most thrilled about, for two reasons: One, I had identified this bird as the shikra to my unsuspecting friends...but just now, I suddenly had a doubt and referred to my Grimmett, and since I believe, when in doubt, ask an expert, I emailed kalyan and yes, I was right, it is the Peregrine Falcon! Two, Kallu tells me that's the fastest bird in the world...wow!!

Actually, after this, yathin posted that it might be a Eurasian Hobby (that's NOT a Afghani stamp-collection, but a bird of prey!), and we got a third input from Abhijit Menon-Sen of Delhi stating emphatically that it was a Red-Necked Falcon. And now everyone is agreed, that is indeed what it is; probably a juvenile, as the crown and nape of the bird are not reddish enough yet.

So...here is the Red-Necked Falcon!

IMG_0118 peregrine falcon

It was really far away and it took all Mohan's ingenuity and his zoom lens to capture it!

Collapse )

Photography is a very time-consuming hobby, I must say....posting these photos has taken me so much of time! Where on earth do my software-developer friends find the time to do all that they do, AND post-process and post their photos? I haven't post-processed anything at all....I am soon going to learn, though!

should I? shouldn't I?


It's 6.45 pm...enjoying reading my friends' LJ entries...it has rained heavily, but it isn't pouring right now...should I swim? Or should I worry about catching cold and desist?......OK, I am off to the pool!