August 9th, 2006


An afternoon walk

We went to visit someone in Diamond District. My, my, the airport road flyover is MUCH more of a mess than the Jayadeva flyover,the govt has all the gall in the world to call it "finished"....!

On the way back, I got off at Silk Board as KM would save a lot of time going off to Hosur, and walked back the 3.5 km home. I do love walking, I see, hear and smell so many different things...

sights (alas, alas, no camera!)

multicoloured "falls" of sarees hanging in a rainbow of strips from a tailor's shop.

delightful spellings of "puncture" repair wayside shops: puncher, punchar, panjer....

the green of the wayside trees, the little parks along the way...

the glorious technicolour of some HUGE houses where the owners apparently think that no colour of VIBGYOR should be left untouched on the facade....

the sounds, bad ones:

the traffic

somebody YELLING inside one of the houses, clearly audible on the road

the sounds, good ones:

a lovely song from a transistor in a teashop

the Indian koel practising her song in the trees

the smells:

the frying onion of masal vadas in a nearby Darshini (YUMMMMM)

really truly lovely smell of the jasmine flowers on the creepers of someone's front gate. I asked the lady standing outside, plucked just two and smelt them all the way home.

the hungry-making smell of vanilla from a bakery as I passed. I almost went inside and bought some cake!

And an added bonus, a lovely light shower of rain that I walked through, grinning happily from ear to ear (probably looking highly idiotic to passersby!)...thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather that Bangalore has...

A walk that was a feast for the very enjoyable....thank goodness I have the time to walk!

Something I wrote


I wrote this comment on suzan_s's LJ entry..and when she responded, "well said", I decided I would enshrine it on my own LJ!

oh, religions are flexible...but people's MINDS are sometimes not!
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