August 18th, 2006


Life after me...


Suddenly was thinking about how life will be, a hundred years from now...and felt awed by how teeny we all are, when I realized that not only I, but all these 18 to 25 year old friends of mine too, are not going to be around! (Unless of course something radical happens to life expectancy, which MIGHT happen...)

...but on a chirpier note....I wish that technology doesn't change so fast (like spool tapes have gone now), and  that my great-great-grandchildren can read my LJ and exclaim over various things in it that are amazing to them....will they be living on Earth, or somewhere else, some distant planet colonized and will they think of Earth the way the born-over-there "Asian Americans" think of India?

All I can say about the future for sure is, there will be some new things which we cannot even visualize or conceptualize right now...and other things, which we expect to change, will remain just the same....
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