November 7th, 2006


Black Kite


Here's a bird that is now plentiful around urban skies; but at Lodhi Gardens, I thought he had caught something and was going to feed, as he flew to a nearby tree.

IMG_0341Black Kite with Nesting Material (2)

But then, I realized that he (or she, perhaps?) had some nesting material and was sorting it out preparatory to using it in the nest.

IMG_0342 Black Kite and Nesting Material (3)

Just look at the bird trying to extract just that right piece....he's very finicky with his soft furnishings at home, is our friend!

IMG_0343 Black Kite with Nesting Material

And for all that this bird is so common nowadays...isn't he handsome? These birds are also called "pariah" kites....

Another delight


Delhi is full of signboards where lots of liberty is taken with English As She Is Wrote.

Here's a board :


No, that's not advertising spares which will sway (or swe) to the beat of a different drummer....Juki, Pegasus, Siruba, Brother and so on are brands of ....sewing machines.

But don't miss the "Hero Honds" Chowk in GGN (that's Gudgaon) either...not Hero Honda.

I was asleep for most of the ride back or I would have been able to get more gems for my collection...

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary Visit, 4 Nov 2006


It was a little difficult, after having got home from a Sangeet ceremony for someone's wedding, and gone to sleep at past 2 am, to leave at 5.30 we sort of managed at 6 am instead. We followed AMS' excellent directions and found AMS, Hassath and Ammu waiting for us on the Jaipur highway, and proceeded to the Sanctuary.

Collapse )

I must really thank Abhijit, without whom we might not have spotted so many birds, or even been able to identify them until we came back and sat with our Inskipp (or as he calls it, the Grimskipp)....he made sure that our morning was really productive and that we learnt a lot. Little Ammu tagged along gamely though towards the end she was quite hungry and thirsty!

Sultanpur, in Haryana, is an hour's drive from Delhi, on the Jaipur Road, making for a great morning's outing. The range of sightings was so satisfying!

Crested Lark in Camouflage


Just to give non-birders an idea of how tough it can be to spot birds. Normally I do not post large-size pictures, but this time I will.

Can you spot the Crested Lark in the picture?

IMG_0179 Crested Lark Camouflage

Awesome camouflage, isn't it!!

If you couldn't spot it...look along the line of the "vee"shaped bit of dry grass at the bottom of the picture, and you will see the bird.....

That's the kind of thing that raptors face they scan the ground from far above, looking for prey....builds a healthy respect for their abilities when you think about it!