December 22nd, 2006


One Rice Your Name

I went around clicking pictures of the Hanumath Jayanthi festival at Ragigudda Temple on the morning of the day I left (yes, indeed, I was THAT organized in my packing!) and this wonderful offer, right at the arch, caught my eye....

Don't miss also the offer to rice your name.

No, I didn't buy the one rice after all. I knew that I would lose it somewhere and looking for it would be like looking for...well, a grain of rice!

One rice your name

Ragigudda Hanumath Jayanti

On the day we left, I realized I did have time to spare, so quickly slipped out with the KMC (KM Canon) and took these snaps of the fair on the little roads surrounding the Ragigudda Hanuman Temple, for the birthday of Hauman or Anjaneya, the monkey God

Here's the notice announcing the festival. It says the festival is from the 29th November to 10th December. A small icon of Hanuman is on the gate itself, and the temple is located on a small hillock. An artificial waterfall cascades down the hillock just inside the gate. I must say I loved this temple more when it was a little simpler...the three of us would often go there and sit on the rock and chat desultorily after the it's all very organized and less spontaneous and natural!

Hanumath Jayanti 10

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I didn't edit or crop any of the pictures as there is so much detail that I love in each! I hope you all enjoyed the Hanumath Jayanti festival!

What do you think this means?

This question is only meant for readers in India...

I was going around the area near DnA's home (I love to walk around a lot, I get to know the area very well)...and I snapped this photo of two sneakers hanging from a wire,high overhead, in a most inexplicable fashion. I speculated on how they could have got there,and it intrigued me enough to take a photo.

What do you think this means?

When DS saw it, however, he was very upset..."HOW close to our place did you see this?" he asked. I told him, it was at least 3 km away...and then he told me that it means that drugs are being sold nearby, this is an "advertisement"...I suppose the word "high" applies to the shoes as well as their user!

The Butterflies...

I am sending some pictures of the beautiful butterflies that I snapped in the St Louis Zoo...god, it is SO difficult to get these things on camera!!

I don't know most of the id' I would appreciate some help on them. There were only volunteers in the Insectarium and even the list of id's that they had didn't match up with the pictures I had...

Let me start with those whose id I *do* know:

Here are the ZEBRA LONGWINGS...

Zebra Longwing Butterfly, IMG_0856.JPG

Zebra Long Wing Butterfly, IMG_0855.JPG

And here are some of PAPER KITES:

Paper Kite Butterfly

Paper Kite Butterfly, IMG_0860.JPG

Paper Kite Butterflies, IMG_0858.JPG

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Comments welcome...oh I love butterflies....!