January 25th, 2007


Suitcase found...

Though we wasted two and a half hours first waiting for the suitcase and then lodging a complaint about its going missing, thank goodness, it has been located at last, and will, hopefully, be delivered home some time today....I realized that though it contains many things, I am now in a position to say that I could have got along without any of the stuff...good, perhaps I am making some progress on the path of non-attachment....

I also realize, each time I visit the States, how few possessions I really require to live...why, then, do I surround myself with so much of stuff, and why am I unable to give it away?

On other news, let me get organized (gas leak in the kitchen onwards) and I will get around to posting some pictures....esp the bald eagle ones....

Loss of parents...

Two of my friends have lost one of their parents....one in Atlanta lost his mother in Mumbai; and the one in Irvine, Cal, lost her father..she is the youngest of a large family, too.

Both parents did live to a good age...but the loss of a father or mother is really difficult. I was thinking of when I lost my father, suddenly, and my mother, after protracted illness....

We could have stayed on for a while..but home is two places for me!

Feeling irritated. The seminar that KM (and hence, I too) rushed home for, which he had put in a lot of work organizing, has been postponed...they called him to tell him this yesterday. If not for this seminar, we would definitely have stayed on a few more weeks with DnA; they would have been so happy, too, to have someone to come home to, in the dreary winter evenings; and since KM and I are very much at home and completely able to get about by ourselves, it wouldn't have been difficult for us, either. So, of course, we get to know now...

We were just congratulating ourselves on remaining awake through yesterday (KM actually did a day of work) and waking up at a sensible hour in the morning; then, at about 11am, I went to sleep as I sat on the sofa, and was dead to the world till 5 pm, when I finally went and bought some fruit and things for the household. It was so LOVELY to see my beloved 9th block again...there is some "Brihat Hindu Mahotsav" going on, and there are garlands up near the arch of the Ragigudda Temple...and it was SO nice buying fruits out in the open air instead of in an air-conditioned (or heated) supermarket, and smiling at my flower-vendor friend who asked after my daughter. I grumbled at the potholes on the roads as my cycle bumped over them.

travelertrish wanted to have my feedback on coming back again. Well, Trish...I think I am really at home in both the US as well as here. The systems are different in the two places; here one keeps asking for help to do one's work, there one keeps gathering the information that will allow one to do it. But once one gets the hang of it, one just shifts from one system to the other. Each way of life has its own advantages...and drawbacks.

I loved my evening gossip,today, on the landing with the residents of the other three flats on my side of the landing (I live on the 4th floor); I distributed chocolates to the children; though I am still tired and in pain from my facial injury, I felt so at home and at peace...it is difficult to understand how it can be, but I *am* equally at home and at ease in both worlds. I think I have to thank my daughter and son-in-law largely for this. Their home is so comfortable, so organized and so welcoming. I feel as much a part of their household as, I hope, they feel in mine.

Garden Flora--I am in the mood for posting pictures..with a vengeance!

As I tried using the Tamron lens on my walks in LA, I snapped many pictures of garden flowers; I realize that it seems rather "infra-dig" (beneath one's dignity, in a very Indian idiom!) to post pictures of garden flowers...but I have no dignity, being still a photographer who is an L board (another Indian idiom for someone who is learning )...so I am going to post some pictures of flowers...

Here's the bird of Paradise, which I thought I had posted on earlier post but apparently did not:

various flowers

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Well, that's my floral tour, and I will use it to cheer myself up every now and then!

post inspired by suzan_s

suzan_s talks in her latest post about God-in-a-box...many people want to put God in a box and limit the deity and post a list of ingredients...but to me, and to some others as illustrated by this story, God is a little more than that...

A king (as it might be Akbar) once banished a subject from his kingdom. His court jester (as it might be Birbal) remarked admiringly, "Oh, great King, you are able to do something which even the Almighty cannot do!" Pleased but curious, the King asked what it was about the banishment that was so great...the jester replied, "How can the Almighty banish someone to a place outside His domain?...only you can!"

Thank you, suzan_s, for bringing this neat little anecdote to mind!