February 13th, 2007


Link to the Bird Race post...on Metroblogs

I've joined a Bangalore blog site called Metroblogs, in which people post city-specific entries; I have not yet learnt the ropes about posting photos and stuff on it, and am not entirely comfortable with the fact that posts on Metroblogs cannot be repeated on my LJ post, but I can only give the links to them. I will be trying it out for a little while, though.

Here's the link to my post about the Bird Race:


Feedback, of any kind, is, as always, welcome....and if other LJ'ers have joined Metroblogs before, I would like to know what their experience has been.
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CMB...Counting My Blessings

CMB...and what a lot of them there are!

I think I have been extremely lucky in life.

I have good health in general. I can eat what I want, when I want.

I have (I think, of course!) the best spouse in the world.

Thanks to a financially savvy spouse, I enjoy having enough money, with no wants...and more wonderful is the fact that I do not HAVE to work for a living, and am free to pursue a lot of interests.

I am lucky to be interested in a lot of things, and like learning.

I had parents who brought me up in a very simple way. I am not very materialistic, so I have happiness as much as pleasure.

I am lucky enough to live in a city that I really love.

I am lucky enough to be reasonably good at the things I am interested in, and bad enough at them to have a continuous learning process...and I enjoy that too.

My child is a caring, responsible adult that the world can lean on, and she is happy in her life and career.

I have the ability to laugh...at the world, at myself. Oh..a great gift. A sense of the ridiculous is a tremendous spirit-booster. There is no mental morass that one cannot break free of with a cackle.

I have the ability to reach out to people of all kinds, and mostly (amoghavarsha please note that word!) they reciprocate. And so it happens that I come to my next blessing..

...Friends. I am truly, truly blessed in my friends. They laugh with me, cry with me, laugh at me,like me, sometimes love me, support me, and surround me. One or two deep friendships would be miraculous in life...I have several.

If there is reincarnation and karma, I must have been a SAINT in my last birth, to merit this wonderful life that I lead! (Alas, my next birth is probably going to be as a lowly worm...but I hope to be a happy, contented worm!)

Here are the tender, beautiful new leaves of the Banyan tree (
Ficus Bengalensis) that I snapped during the Bird Race...that will tell you how relaxed we were, ambling around..not once did my teammates rush me!

Tender shoots of the Ficus Bengalensis

A day out in the open, in pleasant weather, with good people around me...what more can one ask for?

Colours of Nature

A photograph that truly illustrates the colours Mother Nature can create...taken during the Bangalore Bird Race.

Purple Sunbird

That's the Purple Sunbird, delightful little creature that shimmers as he (yes that's a he) flits about, sipping nectar...

Two Pictures that anirudhc took

I was lucky that though they count themselves beginners, my teammates at the Bangalore Bird Race are still better than I am at both birding and photography...here are two pictures that anirudhc took with the KMC (KM's Canon)....

Here's a majestic Brahminy Kite (the Indian version of the Bald Eagle!) with his fish breakfast; he is reflected in the catchment waters of the Manchinabele Reservoir....

Brahminy Kite and catch

And as amoghavarsha stepped a little closer, off he went. I am sure that my teammates, with their software skills, would do a great job of post-processing this photograph, but I am posting it as it is:

Brahminy Kite, off in the air

I am sure you will all agree that Anirudh is pretty modest about his photography skills! That's one photograph I am going to enjoy looking at, for a long, long time....


Such a common plant, hardy and low-maintenance, and supports a lot of birdlife, too...and always looks good, growing well even in arid regions.

Shot during the bird race...


There are so many colours, from the vivid scarlet to the white; I found this golden colour very appealing. The plant had grown wild. I call the Bougainvillea the "flaunt plant" as the real flowers are tiny and in between the colourful bracts that the plant flaunts!