March 7th, 2007

wave the water...on the trees...on the ground....

sainath is in town, and we decided to go to that beautiful public park, Lalbagh .

No matter what time of the year I go to this lovely garden, it's a great experience.
Today, the focus was on what I call "SSO"...Sainath's Spotted Owlets! As soon as them, I called up amoghavarsha (wasn't that a smart thing to do, letting us locate them first!) who also turned up with his Nikon.

We had a great time taking pictures of the owlets at two different locations in Lalbagh, and also photographed a delightful group of squirrels; but all that will be posted later (and of course you will find MUCH better snaps on their LJ's and websites!)....but are some of the flowers of Lalbagh..let's start with one in the water...

Lily in Lalbagh Lake

Lily at Lalbagh 7 Feb 07

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Is it any wonder that with a morning lke that, my spirits are so high now, I am humming happily to myself and am so glad to live in this beautiful city?