March 8th, 2007


The SSO post ( Sainath's Spotted Owlets)

Let's srart off with the clear declaration that the photographs were MUCH worse than I feared. But...for me they tell a story, so please don't mind the lack of crispness or other technical imperfections...

Here's our friend the spotted owl, who resides in Lalbagh:

spotted owlet beauty Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

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The last owlet we saw had a lovely background of green; but alas,my pictures haven't turned out well at all, so I will leave that one for sainath and amoghavarsha to display!

Soon there's going to be a delightful squirrel post from me, with one photograph where you have to decide if it's friendship..or sex!Aha... That got your eye, didn't it!

Thank you, Sainath, for introducing me to your spotted friends, and teaching me how to post to Picasa, to Flickr and to LJ.


Why is it that when I am idle and sitting in front of my laptop, no one seems to post anything..but let me be busy for a day (or even half a day), that's the signal for the friends to post in their hundreds?

And...why do some insurance companies have a condition that if you have claimed insurance for some particular illness or surgery, you cannot claim for it for the next four years, even if you are paying for your premiums? Isn't continued cover for a major illness the whole point of paying high premiums for an insurance policy?

Oh...I am not wishing anyone for Women's Day...I don't really like tokenism...what about the other 364 days? Every day is Mother's Day and Father's Day and Buy An Expensive Card from Hallmark Day...

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I seem to keep talking about the Spotted Owlets at Lalbagh, but there are plenty of other birds, especially around the water bodies (no, a water body is NOT Pamela Anderson swimming)....

Here's the Pond Heron:

Pond Heron Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

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Thank goodness none of you will cluck at the quality of the pictures...