March 9th, 2007


The Taller Original-Idea-Headed Code-Writers

Here are two samples of these species.

Sainath and Amogh Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

The original idea? Sainath in this picture is showing Amogh something in the huge palm tree...and if you look carefully, you will find a big bulb lighting up over Amogh's head, as he observes the large ladder left there by the park authorities. He actually was suggesting that we pull the ladder over to the trees where the owlets or the squirrels were, in order to have an advantage and look AT them instead of UP to them....I still cannot stop laughing when I visualize the scene of us dragging that behemoth all over Lalbagh and trying to explain it to the park authorities, not to mention the idea that the birds and animals would calmly wait for us to push that monstrosity up to them....