May 11th, 2007


Two sets of visitors...

I had two sets of visitors today...anushsh and amonks; and then, later on vyshnavi and ti22. I enjoyed myself very thoroughly today, I must say!

With the first two, I visited Madivala Lake once more, and here are a few pictures....

Here's a garden lizard, basking in the sun; I am afraid some boys were very keen on helping us with the photography and soon chased it off:

Garden Lizard Madivala Lake Anush/ Jayanth 11 May 07

Here's an Ashy Prinia, singing away:

Ashy Prinia Singing

A Pond Heron in flight:

Pond Heron in Flight, Madivala Lake, 11 May 07

A beautiful little Paddyfield Pipit:

Paddyfield Pipit

An assortment of cormorants (that sounds good, doesn't it?) sunning themselves:

Cormorants at Madivala Lake May 11 07

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Well, I did have one other problem today, but will post later about that...I did enjoy my trip to Madivala Lake, though, and it felt good to aim and shoot at wild creatures again! Thank you, anushsh and amonks!