June 1st, 2007


Gopalaswamy Temple and its Environs....

The Gopalaswamy (God Who Tends the Cattle, that is, Krishna) Temple is a beautiful little hillside temple in the eponymous Gopalaswamy Betta (Hill)...and these images caught my eye.

The first thing that strikes one are these mendicants:

Mendicants at Gopalaswamy Temple Gopalaswamy Betta

Theirs seems to be a pretty organized economic activity; here they are, accepting alms...

Mendicants Gopalaswamybetta

You can see one of them putting the plate with the coins to his forehead as a mark of gratitude and respect. The plates are marked with the "naamam" that Vishnu wears on His forehead..and with the "shankha" (conch) and "chakra" (wheel)that are in His hands.

But what tickled me pink was the bike tucked away behind them:

Mendicants and Moped

Did the moped belong to the temple priest? Or did one of these beggars make enough money to own it, and zoom off on it at the end of the day? I lacked the courage to ask them, preferring to speculate!

I have posted a picture of the brass vessel that these mendicants use in this post:


and a detail of the sculpture at the corner of the temple, here:


Collapse )

I am closing with this picture, for asakiyume, of the monsoon in the hills:

Monsoon in the Hills

And this lovely picture of a ..er...jumbo traffic jam at the Bandipur Forest Reserve reception area, from where jeeps take visitors into the forest (you can see the red-and-white road-block lever which is up right now)....

Jumbo Traffic Jam at Bandipur Forest Reception Area

Going to Bandipur again next week....I do love the place!