June 6th, 2007


Birds of the Manchinabele Area

Since Sachin and Neelu were nice enough to takeanushsh and me along on their outing to Manchinabele Dam, and we met up with Adarsh and Nisarg on the way, we had a really nice time on Sunday morning...the focus may have been birding to begin with, but the beauty of the place and many aspects of it also caught our eye....

Here's the beauty of the Manchinabele Catchment Area, with Savandurga in the distance:

Manchinabele Catchment Area, 3 Jun 07

For a while, all thoughts of birding disappeared from our minds as we just took in the scene....

Can you see two swallows sitting on the wires? There's a picture of one of them under the cut!

Collapse )

All in all, a great morning, and Anush, Adarsh, Nisarg and I were going to meet up again at the Snake workshop later in the day(actually, 12 of us from the JLRNTP group were there!)...a lovely way to spend a Sunday! Thank you, Sachin and Neelu, for the great opportunity!