July 9th, 2007


The Image that Stays...

Today I attended a Celebrtity Wedding with Many Page Three Personalities Making Their Appearance....but the image that stays in my mind at the end of the day is of this wonderful-looking creature, at the Bangalore Rehabilation Centre, an animal rescue and rehab centre that I visited this afternoon.

Juv Brahminy Kite 090707

The kite was apparently treated and released to the wild; but he (I think it is a he, could a she have, in asakiyume's words, this "fierce gaze"?) keeps coming back, and seems to be held in great affection, too!

A whole crowd of parakeets had been rescued from somewhere and Salim and his team were trying desperately to make some sickbay cages ready for the sick ones among them.

I don't know if they need money or not; but they do need volunteers of all sorts....