July 14th, 2007


They, too, can move...

The snail, too, moves;
In a trail of slime,
Wary of feet and hooves,
It moves...but takes its own time.

People often fail
To understand that time, too,
Moves inexorably like the snail...
For the fourth line I found a rhyme,too!

Garden Snail

Garden Snail 130707

You think the snail hasn't moved? Check its position vis-a-vis the petal of the gul mohar flower, and the twigs...

Today was also not-exotic birding-but-great-macro-opportunities at IISc, Bangalore (Indian Institute of Science, a premier institution that dates from 1905)...we had gone to meet Andre Pittet, who makes camera traps for wildlife photographers...will probably do a profile of him soon...

Kenneth Anderson's Grave, Hosur Road Cemetery

sanathreddy had told me about Kenneth Anderson's grave earlier, and we had visited it, but yesterday I decided to document it, as well...here's the account at


Anderson's books make turn-the-page-quickly reading! I do agree that sometimes it seems as if he embroidered the facts a bit, but they are great stories...