July 17th, 2007


Drama of Life and Death...near Ranganathittu, 16 July 07

I went to Ranganathittu area to do some birding and while I did have a lovely time, with all the usual birds on display, I also watched this little drama of life and death nearby....

On one of the weeds, I watched a butterfly alight on a flower. But inexplicably, almost as soon as it landed on the flower, the butterfly seemed suddenly to wilt...you can see it just hanging off the flower:

Butterfly drama 2 160707 Ranganathittu area

It then fell off altogether, and lay, dead or dying, on a leaf below. Intrigued, I decided to investigate. I gently held the flower to see what could have caused the death of the butterfly, which you can see lying (by now dead) on the leaf below:

Butterfly drama 3

All was revealed...from under the flower crawled the hunter, the predator, which had been lying in wait for just such an opportunity as the one that happened...

Butterfly drama 5

This is a

CRAB SPIDER (to read Karthik's post, click on the capitals)

As soon as the butterfly landed, the spider bit it, and paralyzed the butterfly fatally. Even as I looked at it, it dropped off on to the leaf below to proceed to the meal:

Butterfly drama 4

Here's a close-up of the predator..incredible, I could swear that was a "happy" face on the back of the spider!

Picture of the predator butterfly drama

I thought it was ironic to see a happy smiley face on the back of a creature which had just dealt a violent death to another...but on second thought, it was just a living creature getting a meal for itself, so I suppose, now that the meal was ready, a smiley wasn't an inappropriate thing for the spider to have, as it went off for its lunch....

Berry Enjoyable Day....

"Berry" enjoyable Sunday....

berry on the road near ranganathittu

We went to Mysore this Sunday, not on a picnic, but to try some processes out at a factory near the city. The whole thing took several hours, but it was a successful experiment, and we returned home to Bangalore at 5 a.m on Monday morning!

Collapse )

Finally, I captured the sunset in my wing mirror as I turned to go back to the factory....

sunset in the wing mirror ranganathittu

But this was not the end of the day,sorry, evening. The processes/trials that we were conducting were not yet finished, three of our personnel were overseeing it, so, since the owner of the factory had booked tickets for the latest Rajnikanth blockbuster, "Sivaji...the Boss"...we drove the ten-odd kilometres to Mysore, watched the 8.30 pm show (er, I slept through some of this OTT movie, and that's also my review of the movie, birdonthewire!) came back to the factory, the work was over at about 2 pm, and we then drove home with our personnnel snoring in the back seat....I think I extracted as much enjoyment out of every moment of my Sunday as I possibly could!

Trip of a lifetime...

We are going...to visit this wonderful place on earth, and will be visiting this place , too...a two-week visit of a lifetime...wish us, and our photography, luck!

We've taken our yellow fever shots, which are still sitting in a solid lump on our forearms (did the doc inject 5 ml of slow-set concrete?), got our visas, and are scraping our lenses together...we leave on Sunday.

I am going to miss a lot of things, particularly my friends' LJ posts if I don't have internet access (though time is likely to be more of a problem)...if I am off LJ for a day I come back to find a whole bunch of interesting stuff and have to spend a long time going back until I am sure I haven't missed something...!