August 7th, 2007


From Kilimanjaro to the Ngorongoro Crater

Here's the aerial view of Mt Kilimanjaro (that I got,actually, on the way back home)....

View of Mt Kilimanjaro from the aircraft on our way back home 030807

We realized that we could either spend 5 days climbing the mountain, or spend it on wildlifing; and the decision was easily made!

And here is the opening picture of the time at the Ngorongoro (pronouced "go-wrong-go-row") Conservation Area:

What you see is NOT the sky. It is the outline of the lake at the bottom of the caldera. The land beyond the lake, the opposite rim, and the sky were all shrouded in mist.

Ngorongoro Crater Caldera sunrise

The caldera is a volcano that has collapsed and made a fertile area of its bed. The amazing thing (at least,on the days that we were there) was this sunrise...because for some reason, the sun itself was not visible as it rose in the mist; but reflection of the dawn sky was there, in all its beauty, in the lake at the bottom of the caldera, which is what you see in this photograph!

Still looking at what I should post, what I should leave on my computer ( I am choosing about 198 photos to put up on my new Flickr account and on day 2 of the trip, have already got more than 70!)and what I should, in the name of good photography, delete forever(and forget that I can still take such foul shots..gawd that S3 can give some shake in low light!) it's going to be the next post that will have the zebras, warthogs, lions, cubs, lionesses, and assorted other birds,mammals, and insects...

The geyserman came, and will come again tomorrow...can someone tell me what I can do with a HUGE carton (family size, or in this instance, flood size) of wadded up rolls of toilet tissues? They are sitting there and grinning at me...perhaps I should set up a game of toilet-tissue roll bowling...