August 10th, 2007


Out of Ngorongoro and into the Serengeti

We left early the next morning (recording yet another superb sunrise that was invisible directly but only reflected in the lake in the crater bed)...

one more caldera lake sunrise

(The oval outline is the lake at the bottom of the crater; the vegetation is actually on an incline that slopes down to the bottom of the caldera. The mauve area is the area of the crater rim across from where I's lost in mist. I *still* cannot understand how, when the sunrise was not visible it was so brightly reflected in the lake. I am googling about this but have got no results.)

As we left the crater rim, we drove down into the grasslands, and passed a Masai village (the Masai cannot live in the Serengeti where no "human activity" apart from wildlifing is allowed; they live in the NCA.)

Masai Village in the area coming down from the crater rim towards Serengeti

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Here's the first sunset we saw in the Serengeti:

Sunset on the Serengeti

I'm sure those who went through the post will agree with me...that was one of the most eventful days that could happen on a wildlife safari!