September 6th, 2007


the iPhone.....

Associated Press
*Apple Cuts iPhone Price, Updates iPods*
By MAY WONG and RACHEL KONRAD 09.05.07, 9:21 PM ET


*Apple Inc.* slashed the price of the top iPhone by $200 Wednesday to
bolster holiday sales, but also angered loyal customers who paid top dollar in the gadget's first 10 weeks on the market.

The 8-gigabyte iPhone will now cost $399 - one-third cheaper than when it
went on sale June 29. The 4-gigabyte iPhone, which sold for $499, will be
phased out. By comparison, the iPod Touch will sell for $299 for the
8-gigabyte model and $399 for the 16-gigabyte one. - full story here

My own comment: wonder the earlier buyers are now iRate!

I told someone I would post this on my there it is,Tim!

Pleasant Surprise...and Migration to other blogs...

Got a call from chirdeep_shetty (who has moved his journal to Blogspot, alas!)and am trying to maximize the very little time he has here, and see what birding we can do....completely forgot to ask him about Manasi Prasad, whom I got to know through say_yes04 and Radio Verve...and my friend in Tanzania invited her to Dar es Salaam for two concerts. She tells me that anirudhc (who has ALSO moved to Blogspot, gaaahhhh...), Chirdeep and all, were buddies in engg college...

Connections are so convoluted, and in Bengaluru they sometimes have a way of leading over the same ground again, too.

But why is everyone moving to Blogspot? Is there something that I am missing? All it means is, I have to physically visit these people's blogs instead of having them pop up on my friends' list...of course there is probably a technical way to solve this problem, but I am not a "software" person and I don't know how!

Fruit Bats

Here's a pic of two fruit bats relaxing in the afternoon sunshine in a tree in Manyara, Tanzania...

2 fruit bats in hotel garden

I don't know whether these bats are identical to the fruit bats we have here in India... for example, these two birds are identical to their Indian cousins:


african drongo

and this SHRIKE, feeding her baby:

shrike feeding her demanding baby

Could someone enlighten me?

Bums on the Saddle

That's the name of the online cycle shop set up by rohan_kini and his friend nikhile...

I have been trying to get to see Pavitra Jayaraman on NDTV. She's special to me for a I switched on NDTV just now (it's not usual for me to watch TV at this time).

And...I watched (most of) a segment that Pavitra did, about Bums on the Saddle . But in the part I saw, only Nikhil was shown, so I *still* don't know what Rohan looks like! I am very impressed with these people who, on a sustained basis, cycle to work every day.

I am happy that I saw a report by Pavitra, even though her face wasn't seen. And I am glad that Bums on the Saddle was featured! Wayyyy to gooo, Nikhil and Rohan, and others of your ilk.