September 26th, 2007


Two lovely sights in the sky

Yesterday, a few of us who write for Metroblogs were interviewed by Channel V for a program they are shooting across 8 cities.

Of course I took my little camera along...but apart from the very interesting evening, I saw what I call the smallest rainbow:

the smallest rainbow 250907

And within a few minutes, the nearly full moon was scudding through the clouds...

moon is nearly full 250907

I am still feeling miserable for many reasons, but sights such as these really lift my spirits...the best things in life ARE sometimes free!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other Metrobloggers, and will be writing about Janet, who plants trees for free...thought of rohan_kini when I met her.

Two posts on Metroblogs....

One about the Channel V recording:

and something else that I felt helpless about:

I know those animals will be loaded with heavy laundry and driven to work...and there is nothing I can do about it.

My first Shikra sighting in J P Nagar

Though kalyan tells me that SHIKRAs are pretty common in Bangalore Bengaluru, I have never seen this bird inside the city limits before.

This evening, I was walking along and it was nearly 7 pm, and what do I see but this handsome bird sitting on the railing of the Mini Forest that abuts my home!

It was lucky and unlucky that I had my S3 with me; lucky because I had any camera at all, and unlucky because the S3 is not the best camera either for low-light situations or for bird photography... I wish it had been the Canon with the prime lens! Also, it was *really* low light...

But the bird didn't fly too far, and these are the shots that I managed:

shikra collage sept 07 casa ansal

I am hoping that this bird will be around, and I can photograph it with a better camera in better light!


I posted this collage on INW too, and got a fantastic comment from someone who had this to say:

"good picture...could make out it is a kannada bird easily by seeing the board."

Still laughing....!