October 1st, 2007


Wild flowers, leaves and history at Nandi Hills

Apart from the birds that we try to spot, Nandi Hills is such a beautiful spot for seeing majestic trees that have grown untrammelled, and a variety of wild flowers, plus many historic spots.

Because of the rain, the tree trunks are full of moss and lichen, and this picture of a millipede amongst the moss appealed to me:

millipede in the moss

So, too, did this picture of this leaf with the raindrops on it:

raindrops on a leaf...

Collapse )

With History,Geography,Botany, Zoology,Ornithology, all going hand in hand to produce so much beauty, is it any wonder that Nandi Hills should be one of the prime attractions of a visitor to Bangalore? I enjoy the place on many different levels when I visit!