October 15th, 2007


Birding in Bannerghatta

First, let me start with a nice picture:

Here's a black drongo which has caught a grasshopper and is busy despatching it; on the other side, a spotted dove seems to say, "Old greedy-guts, can't you share your breakfast?"

can't you share your breakfast? 141007

We took our cue from the dove's question and shared a great breakfast at the end of the outing...

Collapse )

We finally dispersed, having had a wonderful morning; and I leave you with the image of a bird that I defy any birder to id properly...it was in the pond area of the residential layout!

bird at Nisarga Layout

We have named it the Psittacocis concretus....

Will be posting the pictures of the beautiful denizens of the insect world that we got...later!