October 30th, 2007


Every available space is up for sale...

Revenue...that's the name of the game.

Saw this on the back of the seat as we flew back from Delhi to Bangalore yesterday:

space for sale on spicejet 291007 dli-blr

Well, at least the title is witty!

Would I advertise in a space where the hapless passenger had to stare at my ad for 2 hours? I don't think so, but obviously, Spicejet, the airline we were flying, believes that people would be influenced...

I am renting out the back and front of my tee-shirts shortly. Why should I *pay* to have Proline or someone else advertise their name when I can hire out the space and *make* money?

You can contact me..actually you need not contact me, just send the money across...

Rose-Ringed Parakeets

A little distance from our room in Delhi (well, Surajkund in Haryana, actually) was a tree on the parakeets were having fun....I didn't have the "birding" camera with me, only my trusty S3...so these are what I got!

Here's one bird making a "trunk" call (non-Indian friends...long-distance calls in India were called "trunk" calls..in fact, the term STD-- in phone parlance -- doesn't mean that the phone is a communicable disease, it means Subscriber Trunk Dialling!)

Hello? I want to make a 'trunk' call!

And I thought I would document the female parakeet, which doesn't have the eponymous rose ring around her neck, but is just as beautiful nevertheless.

Such foozly shots can be passed off as "documentation" shots!

Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Surajkund281007

They ARE common birds, which have adapted very well to urban and semi-urban areas. I only wish that they didn't have such harsh voices!

I spent the morning rapt in a magnificient animal....

I saw the photograph yesterday, and the image stayed with me...by this morning, I knew that whatever else I did, or didn't do,today, I just simply HAD to sit down and sketch ...

leopard sketch 301007

At last, it is out of my system....that itch to bring out through my fingers and my pencil, what had captivated me.

Art...any form of it...is a demanding mistress. Today I had people coming to repair: a)the geyser container; b) the handle on the double-glazed window-frames; c) a leaking cistern....the workmen must have thought me crazy as I would nod at them and return to my desk in a most pre-occupied fashion!

For those of you who are interested, my tiger sketch is at


That sketch is much lighter than this...I should darken it, I suppose...