November 10th, 2007


Singal Sunday....

Today was an excellent day of wildlifing; we went to Mydenahalli, and watched large herds of blackbuck and lots of lovely birds (field trip report and --of course-- somewhat foozly pics later.)

A wonderful surprise was when anushsh and shivakumar_l came to pick me up, sitting in the car was....sainath! Thanks for the surprise Anush, it was indeed a great way to begin the day.

Arvind Badrinarayan, who is training to be a vet and has worked with many different mammals all over the world, had also come along. His story merits a post in itself.

Well, all details later (after I get back from my weekend trip to Chennai)...

But on the way back, we stopped at Kamath Upachar at 4pm for both breakfast and lunch (yes, we didn't have anything until then, that' commitment to wildlife for you!)and I simply loved their version of the Single Sundae....

singal sunday 091107 Tumkur Kamath Upachar

Pity, it was Friday and we couldn't have it!