November 15th, 2007


This comes from my shiny new....

Fed up with my dilly-dallying over what laptop to get, KM decided for me and hey presto, yesterday a shiny new Toshiba M200 landed on

anushsh has spent the better part of the day transferring most of the stuff from the old Toshiba to the new one (can I call it a Toshiba-by?)...and though I thought that the old one was doing fine, it's only after I have looked at my own pics on this new screen that I am really zapped and pretty enthusiastic about the new comp!

Thanks, Anush, for the help, which thou shalt complete tomorrow, hopefully....

Here's the new baby:

new toshiba m200

The main problem with the old one was that the hinge between the monitor and the keyboard was dead and gone and unreplaceable. If you look at the photo you will see (if you can stop laughing for a while and wipe your eyes after having noticed the repair job) how I had ingeniously used instant glue and cellotape to solve the problem and kept that laptop going for the past few months....

The Old Faithful has given me four nearly SEVEN years of excellent service, thank goodness I am not a senti person or I would be wiping a tear from my eye about now... sniff.

The old one goes to the factory at Hosur where no doubt it will be worked to death in a short time....the old order changeth, yielding place to new!