November 17th, 2007


Some glitches still...

The new comp still has a few glitches, not ironed out yet...I can't post to Metroblogs (have done so from my ancient dino!)...can't play a few Yahoo games, esp bookworm which is one of my favourites...

Getting a new laptop to work takes a LOT of effort...! Also, the "skin" that I got to prevent that super-white keyboard from rapidly becoming a grey keyboard is useful, but makes it necessary to use much more pressure on the keys....

What's the big deal with this white fascination, in computers as well as human skins in India? The dust and dirt of the Indian climate makes it such a difficult option...

The fever

The fever
Drains the receiver ANd the giver
Of the germs;
The head is heavy,
Twice I've paid the physician's levy,
The body feels like food for worms.

The throat is hoarse,
And,what's worse,
Doesn't seem better by a jot;
It's been a week
Since I've felt like a freak
Combination of coughs... cold and hot.

No longer a human being
But a morbid entity, walking and seeing
If it can live another day...
It's just a fever...viral...
But it feels like doubtful survival...
I wish this FEVER would die and go awayyyyyyy!