December 3rd, 2007


The Mottled Wood Owl Post

Aha, everyone who is NOT interested in birding/ to the next post in the friends' list please!

On Saturday, Anush,Arun,Jaimon, Krish,Mahesh and I went to Lalbagh. The object of our quest was the Mottled Wood Owl that many birders have recently seen in Lalbagh. Of course, Mrs Murphy never goes with high expectations, preferring to appreciate whatever comes her way...but this time, after we had done a lot of other birding (including the SSO's...Sainath's Spotted Owlets, for those with memories worse than mine...Golden Orioles, and so on) we went to the area where they were supposed to be, and number Mottled Wood Owl,which, JUST as I reached the tree, was mobbed out of it by the crows! We stood disconsolately around for a few minutes until one of us had the idea of looking in the direction it had flown, and saw the owl, sitting in the casuarina tree nearby. The light was (of course...!) behind it, but I managed this picture...

Mottled Wood Owl backlit 011207

Collapse )

And to show that they were quite comfortable when we reluctantly left, here's an image I call, Awake and Asleep....

awake and asleep mottled wood owls lalbagh 011207

Two pictures (pretty-pretty)

And for those who don't want owls....

Here's the sunrise yesterday.....

Sunrise over Ramnagaram 021207

and here's the the Tabebuia Avellanedae in full bloom in Lalbagh....

tabebuia avellanedae in lalbagh 011207

Er, for those who don't want any birds..I'm sorry, that Golden Oriole has STILL managed to get into a corner of the picture, I think!

This weekend was just be out in the morning, with like-minded people, observing and absorbing all of nature...that's paradise on earth to me!


Can any techie tell me why, though I have not edited my tag settings, since Nov 28th, my tag entries are not showing on my LJ posts? When I go to edit the entries, there they are, the sweet little things, all nestled up in their nice Tag Box, but the shy creatures are refusing to show themselves on my LJ page....can anyone yank the curtain of ignorance from my meagre understanding and tell me what I should do to make those critters co-operate as usual?

I tried the FAQ's but that didn't help, and have got no answer from the tech support either....

The commas that represent the tags show up on the preview, too.

I have put 3 tags for this post, "tags", "LJ posts", and "not showing"....I think the last one will be true.

I just checked..the tags are not working, either.

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